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Commercial Cleaning in Chicago, and surrounding areas

We have been proud to service all kinds of businesses in the area and make sure they are presentable for virtually any situation. The Mop Cleaners has a 12 clean check Certifications recognize by ISSA ( The worldwide Cleaning Industry Association). Which allows us to focus on dwell time to properly disinfect and sanitize any commercial area. This systems insures us that your facility not only looks clean but will be truly clean.

The Mop Cleaners may service your commercial account(s) Daily, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly depending on what suits your facility needs. We may provide regular or deep cleaning to any commercial account. Commercial accounts we service but not limited to are Offices, Banks, Healthcare Facilities, Schools, Gyms, Barbershops, Bars, Common Areas, etc.

Commercial Cleaning Checklist

*Please note this check list is a general checklist provided. Every facility has different cleaning requirements we are more then happy to change and accommodate to your cleaning needs.*


  • 1. All Appliances: inside and outside cleaned and polished
  • 2. Counters and backsplashes: cleaned, disinfected, sanitize
  • 3. Sink and fixtures: clean, disinfect, sanitize and shine
  • 4. Trash: taken out
  • 5. Light switches and electrical plates
  • 6. Floors: vacuumed and washed
  • 7. Baseboards, cobwebs
  • 8. Ceiling fans, lights: dusted
  • 9. Window ledges, sills and blinds: dusted, clean, disinfected
  • 10. All Hard Surfaces: Clean, Disinfect, Sanitize
  • 11. Doors and windows frames: dusted, clean, disinfected


  • 12. Refill all paper products and soap dispensers
  • 13. Sinks and fixtures: clean, disinfect, sanitize and shine
  • 14. Toilet bowl and Urinal Stands: inside, outside, behind and around
  • 15. Mirrors glass doors, electrical covers
  • 16. Tile, vanity Tops, towel Rack, paper holder: clean, disinfect and sanitize
  • 17. Trash taken out
  • 18. Floors vacuum and mop
  • 19. Cabinets (if any): exterior, disinfected and sanitize
  • 20. Dusted: Fans, lights, baseboards,
  • 21. Windows ledges, sills and blinds: dusted, clean, disinfect
  • 22. Doors and window frames: dusted, clean, disinfected

Inner Offices/Cubicles

  • 23. Wipe down/disinfect all phones
  • 24. Light switches and electrical outlet covers
  • 25. Vacuum and mop hard floors
  • 26. Trash: taken out
  • 27. Base boards and cobwebs
  • 28. Ceiling fans, lights: dusted
  • 29. Window Ledges, sills and blinds: dusted, clean, disinfect
  • 30. Doors and windows frames: dusted
  • 31. Dust, Clean, Disinfect, Sanitize: desks, counter-top, cabinets, & all hard surfaces
  • 32. Dust, Clean, Disinfect, Sanitize: Cubicle Stalls Partitions

Reception/Common Area

  • 33. Straighten entryway mats
  • 34. Clean front door/window glass inside and out.
  • 35. Dust, Clean, Disinfect, Sanitize: Tables, Countertops, phones, and all hard Surfaces
  • 36. Vacuum all carpet and upholstered furniture
  • 37. Empty all trash cans.
  • 38. Doors and window frames: dusted
  • 39. Light Switches and Electrical plates: dust and swipe down
  • 40. Dust: ceiling fans, lights and baseboards.

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